Queen's AeroSpace

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The Queen’s Aerospace Design Team is a dedicated group of over 50 undergraduate students at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Each year, we collectively design and build small-scale UAVs with the goal of optimizing performance for international competitions.

Mechanical Design

The mechanical sub-team harnesses the capabilities of CAD tools, meticulously drafting the aircraft’s structure and components. Through rigorous Finite Element Analysis (FEA), they validate the mechanical integrity, strength, and durability of their designs. In collaboration with the electrical and software teams, they ensure a cohesive integration, turning precise models into operational, high-performance flying entities.

Electrical Design

The electrical sub-team designs custom power distribution PCBs and crafts electrical schematics to facilitate integration between software and mechanical components. Currently, they’re developing a custom flight controller, aiming to enhance drone performance and agility.


The software sub-team excels in using ROS-2 for sensor integration and machine learning-driven precision landing. They also craft high-level flight control algorithms, combining innovation and expertise to push the boundaries of aerospace engineering.

"Once You have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward"

-Leonardo da Vinci